Dressage Pads

For Schooling and Show

A good collection of dressage pads will not only look good, but they will work well. First of all, a saddle pad comes in a bunch of different variations. What we mean by dressage saddle pads is that these pads are shaped to fit your typical dressage saddle. If you need a show jumping pad or XC pad, those are also available. Almost all dressage pads are made out of cotton. Due to the nature of the sport, some riders prefer a synthetic pad or wool base. Each of these have their specific benefit. Furthermore, there are dressage saddle cloths that perform specific functions like keeping the horses back cool, preventing saddle slip or reducing friction. Keep a few things in mind when shopping for a dressage pad, most of all your climate and saddle fit. Different materials work better in cold or warm climates. Pads to help with saddle fit typically have shims included.

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