Dressage Court

Dressage Courts And Letters

Looking to build a new dressage courtĀ or have some new dressage ring letters delivered? Lucky you! We provide dressage arenas and all the parts necessary to host an event or clinic, or equip your private dressage court with all the pieces required. Arenas / courts for dressage come in short or long format, mobile for fixed. You can save some money with the “training version” that doesn’t include as many rails. As a business that works primarily with eventers, we focus on two sizes of dressage ring sizes: small dressage arena (also known as the short court) measuring 20 meters wide and 40 meters long and the full size court (large dressage arena) measuring 20 meters wide and 60 meters long. All of our arenas ship for free within the USA. International delivery is available to Mexico and Canada or by using your own private transport service (have shipped to NZ and Australia using a client’s cargo plane).

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