Half Pads

For Minor Saddle Fit Issues and Horses Comfort

Half pads for English saddles are designed to help with minor saddle fit issues and to increase your horses comfort. Our collection of English half pads are functional and high quality. The sheepskin half pads we offer are designed to sit directly on your horses back – unlike some “wool backed” brands out there, our sheepskins are exactly that, skins. Sheepskin half pads have natural moisture wicking properties and are impact dissipating. Synthetic half pads are built of high performance, modern materials. They’re designed to sit on the top of a standard saddle pad. Half pads with shims help with saddle fit. Others are designed to reduce saddle slip and provide a cushion between you and your horses sensitive back. Choose a color half pad to schooling, jumping or cross country. Our black half pads and white half pads are great for dressage.

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