ThinLine Reins with English or Indian Leather

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Product Description

ThinLine Reins

ThinLine Reins are a combination of high-quality English leather and no-slip ThinLine material wrapped around a flexible nylon core for superior grip and strength. The ThinLine material is superior to rubber because it won’t break down after just a few schooling sessions. ThinLine reins won’t slip and won’t get sticky like rubber reins.

  • Nylon core provides superior strength
  • ThinLine material for a secure grip that won’t break down
  • Reins use English leather for both end types unless you specify the less expensive Indian (from India) leather
  • 3/4″ Thick
  • Soft to the touch, molds to your finger  s
  • Easier to clean than leather or rubber reins

What is the ThinLine Material?

We claim the ThinLine material used to make these reins is superior to rubber. We make this claim after testing out these reins for several months. They held up better than Nunn Finer rubber reins. ThinLine material begins as a liquid during the manufacturing process. The microscopic ThinLine cells are poured into a mold then polarized so each cell lies end to end, creating a tunnel. Another layer of liquid ThinLine material is poured onto the top of the first layer, then polarized in the opposite direction. This zig-zag process repeats multiple times creating a honeycomb matrix. This matrix is extremely strong and soft to the touch. This allows the ThinLine reins to flex and stretch without wearing out.

ThinLine Reins

When using your ThinLine reins, they will conform to your fingers. The material softens at body temperature and returns to its normal shape at room temperature. Unlike gel reins or imitations, ThinLine reins are lightweight, won’t make your hands sweat and will conform to your fingers without being too soft. ThinLine reins are also anti-fungal which is cool if you’re sharing your tack.

About The Company

Here at Four Star Eventing Gear, we believe that equestrian manufacturing companies and their retailers have a duty to be good stewards to their sport and their economy. We chose to work with ThinLine because it’s a brand that’s based here in the USA. ThinLine makes their products in the USA and use materials from the US, the Czech Republic, and from Germany. ThinLine’s owners and employees all ride in various disciplines, keeping the profit from their business activities within our equestrian economy.

2 reviews for ThinLine Reins with English or Indian Leather

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Skeptical doesn’t even begin to describe what I was feeling when I first got these reins, having suffered multiple broken bones in both hands I am VERY picky about my reins. I do not like the stretch that comes with the super grip rubber reins (the flimsy rubber ones), and while I do like the size of certain regular rubber reins I cannot handle how stiff they are, I cannot get a grip enough going XC (or a particularly strong horse in stadium) with regular laced reins, and while bitching to Carl about all of this he suggested these. They are the PERFECT rein as far as I am concerned, they are the perfect size in your hand to be able to really hold them for cross country or a strong horse without being cumbersome in stadium (or maybe even dressage although I am still using a flat rein with hand stops for this), they are the perfect combination of stiffness and softness to give you a good feel and feedback from your horses mouth, they are easy to clean, they do not get slippery when wet (with water or sweat), they do not stretch, and they are soft enough to ride in without gloves if need be. I cannot recommend these highly enough!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    Thanks so much for carryng these. RUbber really ns fels too bulky. THese give a great mouthfeel and never slip. Wont use anything else

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