Red Barn Stirrup Leathers

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Product Description

Red Barn Stirrup Leathers

Red Barn stirrup leathers are made of English calfskin leathers wrapped around a nylon core. These leathers feature half-inch holes for that perfect stirrup length.  Red Barn specifically designs these Nylon core leathers strength and durability. The nylon is covered in calfskin to help protect your boots and saddle from abrasion as well as add a classic look. Low profile buckles keep bulk under your leg to a minimum.

  • Nylon core
    • Added strength and durability
    • Won’t stretch out
  • Wrapped in soft, English calfskin
    • Reduce saddle and boot damage
  • Low profile buckles
    • Less bulk under your leg
  • Deeply stamped numbers
    • Easily to read numbers that won’t rub off
  • Use as dressage leathers jumping saddle leathers
  • 1/2 inch holes for great adjustability

red barn stirrup leathers brown calfskin

Made of soft, English leather. For use on dressage, show jumping or cross country saddle. Try them with MDC Stirrups! Red Barn calfskin stirrup leathers available in 48″ – 63 inch lengths.

Nylon Core Stirrup Leathers

The nylon core of these leathers will help keep them from stretching out. They aren’t exactly no stretch stirrup leathers, but the nylon will resist stretching out. We suggest you don’t use your stirrup as a mounting block though… check out our three step mounting block, it will save your nice stirrup leathers – and your horses back!

Calfskin Wrapped Leathers

Keep your saddle and boots safe from grainy, shoddy leather with Red Barn stirrup leathers with calfskin. English leather is soft, smooth and durable. It’s also widely considered a more ethical source of leather when compared to leather from India.

Low Profile Stirrup Leather Buckles

Feel that? Nope. The metal buckles on these stirrup leathers are super low profile.

Deep Stamps

We might be stretching it here with the feature set, but Red Barn stirrup leathers feature deeply stamped numbers that won’t rub off. It’s a great characteristic to have, especially since you will own these high-quality leathers for a while.

From England, with love.


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