Jointed Mouth Wilkie Bit / Bevel

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Product Description

Jointed Mouth Wilkie Bit

Jointed mouth Wilkie bit is a mild leverage bit. Also known as a Bevel bit with jointed mouth. This Wilkie bit is made of stainless steel. We also offer Wilkie bits in sweet iron with various other mouthpieces.

  • Wilkie bit for mild leverage
  • Also known as a jointed mouth bevel bit
  • Stainless steel
  • Designed to maintain direct contact from riders hand to horse mouth

This jointed mouth Wilkie bit, as well, all the bits we sell can be exchanged for another model if they don’t work for your horse.

jointed mouth wilkie bit

Wilkie Bit Cheekpiece Design

When looking at the Wilkie bit design, the first thing you should notice is the half-moon shapes at the top and bottom of the bit rings. That’s where the cheekpieces connect (top) and the reins connect (bottom). When pressure is applied to the reins, the Wilkie bit rotates, sending a bit of pressure to the poll and the rest to the bit itself.

Single Jointed Mouthpiece Design

The single joint causes a nutcracker effect. Talk to your trainer about the pros and cons of this type of mouthpiece. We offer the Wilkie bit in many different variations so you can find what works best for your horse.

Materials Used to Make the Product: Stainless Steel

Stainless steel has been used for horse bits around the world for a long time. It is hard wearing (lasts a long time) and doesn’t typically chip resulting in sharp edges.

A good alternative to the simplicity of stainless is a Wilkie bit with copper and sweet iron. Showjumper William Funnell goes as far as to back the claim that by combining the sweet taste of iron with the sour tang of copper, horses who are strong tense or heavy in the hand become lighter and more responsive.

1 review for Jointed Mouth Wilkie Bit / Bevel

  1. Rated 4 out of 5

    Cathy Shamblin – Dallas OR

    From 2BadMule: My western ‘reiner trainer’ uses a wilkie bit with a copper three part mouthpiece. The mouthpiece is attached at one of the small rings & limits the gag action. She thinks it is the greatest bit.

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