Cast Iron Bridle Rack

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Product Description

Cast Iron Bridle Rack

Sleek meets rustic with the cast iron bridle rack. No question as to the durability of these iron bridle racks – they’re absolutely solid. Bridle rack stylishly fits single and double bridles. We include hardware for easy mounting. Cast iron with laminated hardwood materials. Imported from India, ships from LA county, Ca.

  • Fits English single or double bridles
  • Includes mounting hardware
  • Laminated hardwood
    • no maintenance
    • scratch resistant
    • totally awesome
  • Also available: Brass and wood rack

Cast iron bridle rack with hardware

Matching Fixtures

This cast iron bridle rack is just one piece in a line of cast iron barn racks. Also available are the cast iron bridle bracket with wood and the cast iron saddle rack. Altogether, these cast iron barn fixtures make for a great, functional look in many barns. The bridle bracket and strap hook also look great as decor for your house if you’re decking your house out with residential barn doors. They’re great for hanging towels!

Cast Iron Saddle Rack Materials

This bridle rack is made of cast iron and laminated hardwood. Cast iron comes from pig iron, a base material used in many applications within the iron industry. Chunks of pig iron remelt along with a bunch of other ingredients like steel, carbon coke, and limestone. The liquid is then cast into the saddle rack mold. Laminated hardwood is used for many parts of the saddle rack. The manufacturer seamlessly produces this wood to the cast iron rack using screws. Hardwood sourced from sustainable sources.

Built in India, Shipped from LA

These cast iron bridle racks are from India. They then float over here by the 100s for your barn. Many stay in LA, California for USA distribution. When you order a bridle rack, we ship it from available stock. If the quantity you order exceeds our stock, we will ship what’s available right away. The balance of your order ships using the next shipment of racks from India. We will keep you updated as to the status of your order.


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