Semi Custom Field Boots by EGO 7, A Tucci Brand

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Product Description

Semi Custom Field Boots

Semi custom field boots by Italian designer Franco Tucci come in 192 different sizes, making the perfect fit for men and women easily attainable. Tucci has been designing high-end tall field boots for many years, building out custom field boots starting at $1,000. Through his years of experience, Franco Tucci has obtained thousands of measurements and customer preferences. He has used all this hard-earned data to design the EGO 7 field boots and dress boots. These two variations on English riding boots come in 192 different sizes, allowing nearly everyone to have an almost custom boot, for half the price and nearly zero waiting period.

  • Semi-Custom Sizing – 192 different sizes that fit men and women
    • elegant Italian design appeals to the most fashion-forward female rider
    • sporty, modern look makes this a great choice for male riders
  • Full-grain Argentinian leather with E-Tex, advanced material on inside of calf (touching the saddle) for extra durability and performance
    • super supple – ready to ride with a limited break-in period
  • Heavy duty hardware
    • guaranteed zipper
  • Three position spur rest
    • for all three phases

Most sizes stock for immediate delivery! Some sizes will take 2-3 weeks for delivery. If you want to know how fast you can receive your new EGO 7 boots, shoot us over an email with your sizes and we’ll let you know.

Semi Custom Field Boots

The Orion Field Boot

If you’re a competitive rider who appreciates functionality and style, you will love these field boots. They’re made of two primary materials: full grain leather from Argentina and E-Tex, an advanced material that is extremely durable. The hardware is top of the line and includes a fantastic warranty. Three spur rests allow for an even more customized fit.

Fitting Your New Field Boots

With 192 different size variation, you’re bound to find something that fits. We wrote an entire page about fitting these boots. You can skip the entire sizing process by sending us your measurements. Need a measuring tape? We’ll send you one.

Mens and Women’s Sizes

One of the best things about these boots is that they look great & fit both men and women. They’re sporty without being masculine, they’re elegant without being too feminine. With so many different sizes, you will find the right boot if you’re male or female.

To find the perfect size yourself, navigate over to our sizing page for the EGO 7 tall boots then come back here and select from the options: Fitting your EGO 7 Tall Boots

Alternatively, you can send us over your measurements and we’ll help you find the perfect fit. We need your foot size – in CM, inches or shoe size. We also need your calf circumference and lower leg height. Enter that information into the boxes on the product page and checkout – we’ll take care of the rest.

If what we send you doesn’t work – we do complementary exchanges until we get it right.

1 review for Semi Custom Field Boots by EGO 7, A Tucci Brand

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Cassie Shelby Heavey

    Absolutely the nicest boots ever!!! I was at the tack store with intentions of buying a new pair of Parlantis and tried these on and fell in love.

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