Horse Bandage Rack – Wall Mount or Free Standing

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Product Description

Horse Bandage Rack

Horse bandage rack by Burlingham Sports has enough room to store a full set of bandages. Pillow wraps or no-bow wraps will fit on the left side (typically 4 will fit, up to 18″ height). A full set of standing bandages (set of 4) will fit on the right. There is also a spot on the right for a few crops to be stored.

  • Fits (at least) 4 pillow wraps or no-bow wraps
  • Easily fit at least 4 standing bandages
  • Easy to hang on barn door or wall. Will also stand on its own!
  • Made in California

black burlingham horse bandage rack


Burlingham Sports Bandage Rack Dimensions

This bandage rack is made of high density polyurethane (plastic) and weighs in at 8lbs.

Height: 18 3/4 inches (47.625cm)

Width: 27 inches (68.58cm)

Depth: 7 inches (17.78cm)

horse bandage rack burlingham

Made in California


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