Shipping Policy

We love offering our customers complimentary US shipping & great international rates

If your order is at or over $75, select the “Free Shipping U.S. Ground” option at checkout. If you want to learn more about our return shipping policy, you can find that over here.

  • Free Shipping is good for products shipped within the continental USA
  • Free Shipping is insured for up to $100
  • Free Shipping typically takes 3-10 days for delivery. If we expect it to take longer, we’ll let you know and give you some options
  • International shipping is charged at checkout. This is an automatic system based on weights and dimensions of the items + the boxes we have loaded into the system. If you feel it’s too high, you can send us an email and we’ll run it for you manually – sometimes that saves some money, sometimes it doesn’t. It will however, likely add a day to the process.

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Free Shipping Details

Complimentary shipping goes out ground via the least expensive service. Arrival time depends on carrier but averages 4-7 business days from when we ship (typically within 48 hours after receiving an order). Want us to ship via your favorite carrier? Opt for a paid method.

Want it faster?

No problem! Check Out like usual and select the a paid / express option. If one is not available for your product, send us an email with what you want, where it’s going and when you need it there and we’ll give you a quote.

  • Paid shipping receives FULL insurance for the replacement cost
    • Insurance claims are managed by us, free of charge

International Shipping

Yes, we do ship international. You will be presented shipping options from USPS & UPS at checkout. Costs are based on the items weight & size & the carrier’s speed.

  • International orders typically take 6-10 business days + customs (sorry, we’re not responsible for items “stuck” in customs)
  • About customs… our customers are responsible for any taxes or duties your country charges for imports.

PLEASE READ if you want UPS to ship your packages to Mexico or Canada!!!

UPS offers very good rates for Mexico & Canada with a catch… You will likely be charged taxes by your government – these are billed to UPS based on the invoice they require us to send with your shipment. UPS fronts the expense but is reimbursed by you for the charges placed on the import by YOUR government. This reimbursement happens when they drop off your package to you. If you want us to send UPS so you save on upfront shipping expenses, you will be liable for any fees UPS requests. You can deny the charges and refuse to accept the package but we will be charged by UPS. The package will be returned to us eventually, after we pay the fees to have it returned. If you still want the item, you will be required to pay for shipping via a different carrier + the expenses we incurred by UPS. The alternative is to receive a refund for the item(s) LESS original shipping and all the fees and return shipping we incur. This said, we prefer to ship via USPS whenever possible. If you know your country’s import tax laws, and still want us to ship via UPS, buyer beware!

Some International Shipping Cost Examples:

Jacks whirlpool boots with compressor headed to:

  • Australia: $120
  • Brazil: $120
  • Germany: $90

Stirrups to:

  • France: $24

Bridle Rack to:

  • The UK: $75
  • $40 for 1 custom crop, $50 for 2 & $60 for 3 – 4th ships for same price as 3. Over 4 and it starts all over again.

XC Boots (full set) to:

  • Down Under: $50

Fleece Dressage Pad to:

  • Canada: $24

Other Shipping Stuff

When Will You Ship?

Your order will most likely ship the day AFTER you order it – unless it’s received by 9am pacific time. We are on the west coast (Area VI, sunny San Diego, CA) so we typically see our orders come in by 9am. We ship once a day around 2pm our time.

What's In Stock?

We have a mobile tack shop so we stock what we sell online. If we don’t have what you ordered in stock and we can’t get the manufacturing company or distributor to “drop ship”, we’ll email you within a business day to let you know when it will be back in stock. We’ll also give you the opportunity to cancel your order with a 100% refund.

Special Requests

 If you have a shipping request – IE overnight, 2nd Day Air, or if USPS won’t deliver to you and we need to use UPS – let us know – we will work with you.

We have driven products to LA for convoys leaving to Rebecca Farms, we have organized international shipping on horse cargo planes, we have even had products delivered to your horse’s stall at 3-Day Events. “Special Requests” are our specialty.

We Use Recycled Boxes

The boxes we use for shipping are typically recycled or “once used” cardboard boxes. If you get a new box from us, it’s probably a flat rate USPS box. This is as much for the environment as it is to pay for our “free” shipping policy on orders over $75.

recycled boxes


Subject To Change – Usually For The Better

As a startup, we constantly have to change things, including our shipping policy.  We will however, continue to take a firm stance against making money through shipping – it’s not our business and we really think it’s rude when others do it to us.

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