Field Jumps Timber Tie

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Product Description

Timber Tie

The Field Jumps Timber Tie is an innovative technology which allows you to create adjustable, movable, and modern cross-country jumps. Horses and riders will gain confidence by jumping at appropriate levels.

Every set comes with two Timber Ties and two Secure Ties.  Cargo Straps are an accessory that makes the Jump set complete.

Field Jumps Timber Tie

How to Use the Field Jumps Timber Tie

The TIMBER TIE is affixed to a tree by means of a strap or rope. On a large tree, the strap can be looped through the holding bracket on one side, run along the back of the tree, through the next holding bracket and back along the tree to the clasp. This gives 2 layers of web strap to secure. The ratchet effect of the tie and strap will help secure the position of the log.

First, you must identify two trees that you wish to jump between.  They should be reasonably straight and evenly upright. Have ready a log of proper length bearing in mind that each tie takes 4″ of space between tree and log. Set the timber tie on the ground where you wish to align with the second tree.  After attaching it, you can then hoist the tie up the tree to the desired height. Securely tie or ratchet the cam strap in place.

Field Jumps Timber Tie

Field Jumps Timber Tie

Perfect for training horses for Eventing:

  • Make “skinny” or wide jumps
  • Make horse friendly cross rails from logs
  • Use Field Jump Fillers under log
    • Bark Chips
    • Mulch
    • Kegs
    • Barrels
    • Flowers
    • Cordwood
    • Straw Bales
    • Small Coops and Walls
  • Use any log – straight or crooked


Hardware will not harm trees.

Remove hardware and jump easily for winter storage or at end of meet.

Remove cross piece to bring vehicle or equipment through.

Field Jumps’ Promise

Proudly made in America (Poultny, VT) and with the highest quality, long lasting materials. There are no sharp edges or corners and your trees not be damaged and jumps easily move up or down. The TIMBER TIE has a coat of dark brown powder that enhances the natural look of cross country jumps. Each set includes heavy-duty releasable and reusable ties that secure the cross piece if needed.

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