Charles Owen Pro II Skull Cap

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Product Description

Charles Owen Pro II

The Charles Owen Pro II helmet acts as a double agent to both keep your head safe and cool. It is the most breathable triple standard Charles Owen helmet yet.  Special ventilation slots located at the front and back allow air to flow. Furthermore, interwoven silver ions provide anti-microbial protection against sweat and odors. The GRpx technology creates an unparalleled fit. The heat reflective paint in gold or silver aid in cooling. Also available in regular finish black, navy or pink.  

Charles Owen Pro II Features

  • Safety rated by internationally recognized organizations
  • Crush resistant outer shell
  • Soft, comfortable interior treated with silver for automated, natural cleaning
    • Leather-wrapped chin strap
  • Quick release buckle & patented harness system
  • Increased airflow
  • Soft headband interwoven with silver ions throughout the lining.
  • Heat resistant color option (silver or gold)

Charles Owen Pro II

Safety Ratings

Almost every equestrian helmet is rated by one internationally recognized safety standards organization. SNELL (Based in California), ASTM (International Standard Pennsylvania), or SEI (International standard in Virginia). Charles Owen helmets, however, are certified compliant with all three.

  • Kitemarked to PAS015:2011
  • Kitemarked and CE marked to VG1 01.040 2014-12
  • Also, certified by SEI to ASTM F1163

The Kitemark is the registered trademark of the British Standards Institute. So, it can only be affixed to products certified by them. It indicates that the company complies with a rigorous system of regulation and testing.

Crush Resistance

The crush resistant outer shell leverages the latest in fiber-reinforced materials tech. 10 strategically placed vents in the shell to similarly prevent no loss in structural integrity.

Alloy Fasteners & Patented Harness System

Easy due to its one-handed fastener operation. It’s rather like something you would find on a pilot’s helmet. The lightweight alloy buckle slides effortlessly together. You will never break it! Charles Owen has a patent on their “GRpx harness system” that’s standard on helmets. It’s comfortable, stylish, and also super functional.

Product Care

The most important detail is that after riding, leave your helmet in a warm, dry place overnight. Do not dry in front of a fire or on a radiator. Do not store it in a plastic bag before dry.

Charles Owen helmet cleaning products are preferred. You should then follow by vacuum drying the lining. Use the minimum amount of water as helmets are difficult to dry and therefore easily become moldy.

Never dry-clean, expose to solvents, and certainly do not put in the dishwasher.

Made in the UK

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